Thursday, October 30, 2014


Happy Almost Halloween!!!
I'm in the mood for some Halloween nails.
They are super easy to do.

1. Pick out three colors of your choice.(For my nails I used a glittery orange, black and green. For my daughter's nails we used a glittery white, yellow and orange.

2. Then brush horizontal lines across the nails you want using the three colors you picked out.(I didn't wait for each color to do so they would kind of blend together) You want at least 2 coats of color for a good coverage.

3. For the dot nail, paint the nail the color of your choice. Apply at least 2 coats of color for good coverage.

4. Now pick the colors you want your dots. To make dots, you can use a dot tool, tooth pick, paint brush, the choice is yours. (Beings my nails were black, I made a bunch of dots with silver, then went back and added the color on top of the silver for it to show up better)

5. Clean up any nail polish you may have got around your fingers.

6. Once your nails are dry, add your top coat, & your done. :)
Super Easy!!

Till Next Time -
Happy Creating ~ Tara Nickole

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