Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vanilla Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Today my daughter, Cheyenne and I, baked some cupcakes for a Halloween party she was attending later that night. We made vanilla cupcakes and topped them with Betty Crocker's Maple Bacon Frosting. Well some got the bacon topping and some got topped with candy corn.

Review of the Maple Bacon frosting..
It was ok. Not good, but not really bad. It had a strong fake maple syrup flavor and the bacon crumbles were not really bacon flavored, more like a smokey kind of flavor.(We did end up topping the Maple Bacon ones, with some bacon bits to give them more or a bacon taste.) 
Would I try it again, No thanks!! I prefer the Pillsbury's Maple Brown Sugar Frosting, if I was going to use a maple frosting.

Happy Baking ~
Till Next Time
Live, Laugh, Love ~ Tara Nickole

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